The added value of digital printing,
in every field.

Digital printing, or the possibility of decorating disparate surfaces without coming into direct contact, brings with it many advantages. Among them, a rationalization of the production process, which better responds to criteria of efficiency and functionality. However, each application sector presents some critical issues, which must be understood, studied and possibly overcome. Knowing the material becomes therefore fundamental, as well as the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to adapt to every situation and context.

Projecta has been offering solutions to tangible problems in the ceramic sector for 12 years. The skills acquired so far make it a point of reference for digital printing, with a strong innovation footprint. The same know-how, combined with a high response capacity, has been applied for some years in the most diverse sectors, from glass to metals, from wood to building materials.

The other side of printing


our reference sector

Heavy Clay

the aesthetic value of building


plates, trays and cups have a soul to show


Parquet, panels, planks. Trump cards


From glasses to automotive, from architecture to household appliances

Functional printing

Smart solutions for any eventuality

Building materials

Solutions for the decoration of building materials


Flooring and bullnose, a winning combination

Metal sheets

New frontiers in metal decoration

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