We are part of a great group.

Our skills and our value find expression and realization within the Siti B&T Group.
The synergy between the group companies and the technological know-how allow Siti B&T to be a unique partner, providing its customers with fully integrated solutions for a production process in line with industry 4.0. With over 60 years of experience and a widespread presence on international markets, Siti B&T Group stands out thanks to an incessant Research and Development activity, offering innovative technologies for the production of ceramics, agglomerated quartz surfaces and sanitaryware.

Young, nice, busy.

Established fifteen years ago in Sassuolo in the most important ceramic district in the world, we are active, young, enterprising and responsive.
A point of reference for the Italian and foreign market, we were the first to believe in the potential of digital printing applied to the ceramic world.
A technology that has revolutionized the entire sector, guaranteeing previously unthinkable advantages.

Ceramicland’s technological arm.

Today we are part of Siti B&T Group, of which we are proud protagonists in the field of digital decoration.

We are always looking for innovation because technology moves fast and we run with it. We cannot afford to be left behind. For us, but above all for our customers.

Man-machine: a winning combination.

Technology is fundamental but without the human genius it would be a cold box.

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We accompany customers along the entire path to obtain winning results. This is why that first and foremost we are consultants, to help them choose the best solution. Which we then design and build, taking care of every detail.


The strength of design, the beauty of Italian style.

The passion for details pushes us to always seek the best. Special is our daily bread. We like getting things done, getting our hands dirty, customizing. Thanks to the collaboration with Digital Design we always offer our customers exclusive solutions. Not just in the ceramic world. Our skills are at the service of every sector.