Dryfix is the series of single pass industrial printers in which digital technology and traditional application technique blend together.

Dryfix is a digital-traditional hybrid system capable of applying glass grit and more, on the ceramic substrate to be decorated, thus allowing the creation of material effects such as: veins, contrasts, textures, structures, up to a total and perfectly uniform coverage of the substrate to be decorated, so as to be able to create full lapped products.

The main advantage of this system is in the quality of the application: precise and accurate control in the spreading of the grit, much more uniform spreading, the possibility of creating shades of grit, reduction of waste, greater reproducibility of the finished product.

Dryfix: the application of matter between tradition and innovation.

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The essence of matter.

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A leader in this type of application, Projecta now offers the machine set-up compatible with water-based adhesive inks, optimized in order to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, a fundamental theme in the production of large slabs or in any case where there is high ink consumption. Dryfix digital printers can be fully integrated into new industrial automation systems.


In combination with the G-Syncro image and structures detector, Dryfix allows the creation of interlocking products: it thus becomes possible to associate a digital application of grit to an image previously printed by any printer upstream of Dryfix.

Machine accessibility is guaranteed thanks to the removable colour bars and hopper: maintenance interventions are simple, quick and economical.

Different head models are supported to satisfy the most diverse application needs: Seiko RC1536 M or L, Xaar series 100x, Xaar series 200x.

Ability to use the secondary colour bar for other effects: sinking ink, glossy ink, white ink, etc.

technical specifications





lunghezza massima decorabile


H – 2800 mm (ABOVE THRUSTER)
P – 1340 mm
L – 4280 mm / LD – 1000 mm


H – 2800 mm (ABOVE THRUSTER)
P – 1610 mm
L1 – 3410 mm / LD1 – 1000 mm
L2 – 4410 mm / LD2 – 1500 mm


H – 2800 mm (ABOVE THRUSTER)
P – 2030 mm
L – 5520 mm / LD -2000 mm


H – 2800 mm (ABOVE THRUSTER)
P – 2310 mm
L – 5810 mm / LD – 2200 mm


H – 2300 mm
P – 1000 mm
L – 1200 mm


H – 2850mm
P – 1000 mm
L – 750 mm

DRYFIX SIZES 42 70 112 140
General machine configuration
Installable colour bars Up to 2
Installable head models Seiko RC1536, Seiko RC1536 L, Xaar series 100x, Xaar series 200x
Maximum print coverage with Xaar heads 422,4 mm 704,1 mm 1126,6 mm 1408,2 mm
Maximum print coverage with Seiko heads 413,1 mm 711,2 mm 1117,6 mm 1422,4 mm
Maximum belt speed*1 60 m/min 45 m/min
Specific powder management system
Grit moved by single thruster 8,5 Kg/min
Grit moved by dual thruster 17 Kg/min
Amount of grit applicable*2 a 10 m/min   – > 1750 g/m2 > 1500 g/m2
a 20 m/min > 1000 g/m2 > 850 g/m2 > 1250 g/m2 > 1000 g/m2
a 30 m/min > 850 g/m2 > 700 g/m2 > 900 g/m2
Minimum powder particle size 100 µm
Electric and pneumatic power supply
Supply Multi range 3F + PE : 400-415-440-460-480-500 VAC ± 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Total power installed kVA 8 kVA 10
UPS unit Included
Pneumatic supply, inlet pressure 6 bar
Maximum compressed air consumption con un propulsore 700 Nl/min 910 Nl/min
con due propulsori 1330 Nl/min 1750 Nl/min
Compressed air characteristics Filtration class 3 ISO 8573

*1 Value referred to construction mechanics only, which does not take into account the type of application
*2 Nominal values, actual values may vary depending on the grits used and the contour conditions (decorated size, distance between pieces, etc.)

print specifications*3

INSTALLABLE HEAD MODELS Seiko RC1536 Seiko RC1536-L Xaar series 100x Xaar series 200x
x-axis resolution (or native) 360 dpi 720 dpi
y-axis resolution Configurable. Suggested: 360 dpi
Available drops 7
Drop volumes available From 14 to 98 pL*4 From 28 to 196 pL*4 From 6 to 132 pL*5
Maximum coverage at 360 dpi expressed in ml/m2 20 mL/m2 40 mL/m2 Up to 26 mL/m2 Up to 52 mL/m2
Maximum coverage at 360 dpi expressed in g/m2 (ink density: 1200 g/L) 24 g/m2 48 g/m2 Up to 31 g/m2 Up to 62 g/m2
Working speed at 360 dpi (corresponding printing frequency) Drop 3 88 m/min (21 KHz) 24 m/min (6 KHz)*6
Drop 4 68 m/min (16 KHz)
Drop 5 56 m/min (13 KHz)
Drop 6 48 m/min (11 KHz)
Drop 7 40 m/min (10 KHz)
Compatibility with special inks Water based Yes, upon request No

*3 Nominal values, actual values may vary depending on the inks used and the contour conditions
*4 In standard working mode, at 10 KHz. A high discharge work mode (8 KHz) is available which allows these values to be increased to 150 and 225 pL respectively
*5 Depending on the head model installed: GS6, GS12 or GS40
*6 The maximum speed can be increased to 48 m/min with the use of special 12KHz waveforms (available only for GS6 and GS12 models). Only with drops 1, 2 and 3

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