Projecta’s best seller, the Evolve series of printers evolved in 2011 with the Evo7 70 model: single-pass industrial printer capable of installing up to 7 colour bars and decorating a maximum print coverage of 70 cm.
The result of the first years of experience in digital printing on ceramic, Evo7 is immediately appreciated for its ease of use, machine accessibility and ease of maintenance.

In 2015, given the rapid evolution of technology, Evolve Hybrid 8 (EvoH8) was created: a printer capable of installing up to 8 colour bars as well as different print head models.
Flexibility and speed of production, application of effects and materials become the keywords that mark the new production needs.

The Evo series had the great merit of bringing a technology such as digital printing, considered by many too complex for the ceramic decoration line, within everyone’s reach.

Evolve: compact, simple, versatile.

We want to create unique solutions for our customers.
Not just in the ceramic world. This is why we put our skills at the service of other sectors.


Digital printing within everyone’s reach.

Discover the Evolve world.

Compactness, simplicity of construction and use make the models in this series versatile and intuitive.
Printers that can be fully integrated into the new industrial automation systems, allow various levels of customization: from altering the machine set-up for the use of UV inks, IR inks, soluble salts and water-based inks, up to the adaptation of the conveyor to the printing of different substrates, not just ceramic tiles.


The removable colour bars allow easy access to the machine, ensuring simple, quick and economical maintenance.

The colour configuration can be changed quickly thanks to removable, repositionable and interchangeable bars between machines in the same series.

Seiko RC1536 M or L, Xaar 100x series, Xaar 200x series are the different head models supported. To meet different needs.

The G-Syncro structure and image detector allows images printed by EvoH8 to be combined with images and structures from any other digital printer.

Two different flows of material can be decorated simultaneously.

The self-adjustment of the printing height allows downtime and discarded material to be reduced and to protect the print heads.

The recognition of the temperature of the substrate to be decorated helps to preserve the print quality of the heads over time.

technical specifications





lunghezza massima decorabile


H – 2150 mm
P – 1330 mm
L – 4050 mm / LD – 1185 mm


H – 2150 mm
P – 1610 mm
L1 – 3340 mm / LD1 – 830 mm
L2 – 4050 mm / LD2 – 1185 mm
L3 – 5050 mm / LD3 – 1685 mm


H – 2150 mm
P – 2030 mm
L – 5450 mm / LD – 1885 mm


H – 2150 mm
P – 2310 mm
L – 5900 mm / LD – 2100 mm

EVOLVE SIZES 42 70 112 140
General machine configuration
Installable colour bars Up to 8
Installable head models Seiko RC1536, Seiko RC1536 L, Xaar series 100x, Xaar series 200x
Maximum print coverage with Xaar heads 422,4 mm 704,1 mm 1126,6 mm 1408,2 mm
Maximum print coverage with Seiko heads 413,1 mm 711,2 mm 1117,6 mm 1422,4 mm
Maximum belt speed 60 m/min 45 m/min
Electric and pneumatic power supply
Supply Multi range 3F + PE : 400-415-440-460-480-500 VAC ± 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Total power installed kVA 8 kVA 10 kVA 13
UPS unit Incluso
Pneumatic supply, inlet pressure Recommended: 6 bar. Minimum required: 4.5 bar.
Maximum compressed air consumption 150 Nl/min at 6 bar
Compressed air characteristics Filtration class 3 ISO 8573

print specifications*1

INSTALLABLE HEAD MODELS Seiko RC1536 Seiko RC1536-L Xaar series 100x Xaar series 200x
x-axis resolution (or native) 360 dpi 720 dpi
y-axis resolution Configurable. Suggested: 360 dpi
Available drops 7
Drop volumes available From 14 to 98 pL*2 From 28 to 196 pL*2 From 6 to 132 pL*3
Maximum coverage at 360 dpi expressed in ml/m2 20 mL/m2 40 mL/m2 Up to 26 mL/m2 Up to 52 mL/m2
Maximum coverage at 360 dpi expressed in g/m2  (ink density: 1200 g/L) 24 g/m2 48 g/m2 Up to 31 g/m2 Up to 62 g/m2
Working speed at 360 dpi (corresponding printing frequency) Drop 3 88 m/min (21 KHz) 24 m/min (6 KHz)*4
Drop 4 68 m/min (16 KHz)
Drop 5 56 m/min (13 KHz)
Drop 6 48 m/min (11 KHz)
Drop 7 40 m/min (10 KHz)
Compatibility with special inks Water based Yes, upon request No
UV Yes, upon request
IR Yes, upon request
Soluble salts No Yes, upon request

*1 Nominal values, actual values may vary depending on the inks used and the contour conditions
*2 In standard working mode, at 10 KHz. A high discharge work mode (8 KHz) is available which allows these values to be increased to 150 and 225 pL respectively
*3 Depending on the head model installed: GS6, GS12 or GS40
*4 The maximum speed can be increased to 48 m/min with the use of special 12KHz waveforms (available only for GS6 and GS12 models). Only with drops 1, 2 and 3

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