Attention at every stage is at the heart of our work.

We leave nothing out, every detail is essential. This is why we follow our customers during every step. From data collection, which allows the study of customized solutions, to final fine-tuning, in which the printer comes to life, passing through the design and construction within our technological workshop. It’s the details that make the difference.

We are with you from start to finish. And beyond.

Discover all the seven steps that make Projecta unique.


An entrepreneurial vision aimed at the future, to continually go beyond its limits to differentiate itself. But also the impetus given by research and development towards innovation, which allow us to take new paths and evolve. These are the forces that generate the IDEA, constantly at the centre of our project.

We are the right partner, capable of giving tangible and avant-garde answers.

consulting & technical

Dialogue with the customer, analysis of critical issues, focusing on specific needs: this is how our work begins. The information and data collected are processed by our team of specialists: a group of people capable of developing the idea, in all its parts.
One or more solutions are discussed, evaluated, perfected.

Being innovative and reliable is our goal.

thinking up

Once the best solution has been identified, it begins to materialize: mechanics, electrical, electronics and software are modelled according to specific needs. The individual pieces of a much more complex puzzle begin to fall into place.

The idea takes shape, fleshing itself out with details along the way.


We build, we don’t assemble. Everything is made internally.
We are a technology workshop, within which Italian craftsmanship is an absolute value. We are experienced designers, competent mechanics, modern programmers.

As meticulous craftsmen, we are always in search of quality, to be seen first-hand.


With installation and fine-tuning, the path reaches its apex and the idea materializes.
Our technicians, true digital printing specialists, follow the entire process without losing sight of the many variables involved. Mechanics, electronics, ink chemistry, printing software and colour management: developing these skills requires years of experience and presence in the field.
Our technicians are an integral part and the backbone of our reality.

Knowing the material is essential, especially when moving in the most disparate production contexts.


Designers, builders, installers and specialists.
The union and work in synergy of all these components leads to the achievement of the goal.
With us the vision becomes reality.
We simply put the best of ourselves and our skills into everything we do.

Doing our job to the fullest is our mission.

going beyond

Real innovation requires constant commitment, which is why we cannot stop. Experience in the field progressively reinforces us with new elements, new ideas, new opportunities to perfect our work. And that’s why we always push ourselves further.

Always ready for a new start.

Find out how we work.